Year 3 - Our School Trip!

Another fabulous day of learning in Year 3! We were so excited to have the opportunity to go on the first school trip since the pandemic hit! Not only was it a first for us, but it was also the first school visit back for the Allhallows Museum and Margaret was a brilliant host.

It was incredibly interesting to learn about how Honiton has changed over the years. The children realised that although they sometimes find the school day tough, it is much better now than it used to be because at least they aren't at risk of 8 ruler strikes to the hand! We also now get to learn fun things like science and art where they never got to! 

The children were able to look around the museum whilst hunting for hippos in every display case and also answering quiz questions. We saw plenty of lace, history from the war and the sorts of toys that used to be played with in the town.


We were told by the staff at the museum that the Year 3 children are a credit to the school - which we already knew, but it is always lovely to hear and makes us even more proud of the children than we already are! 

Well done Year 3