Year 3 - Paignton Zoo Trip

We have had a wonderful day at Paignton Zoo.  We were blessed with the weather and got to see a lot of different animals and experience different things in our groups. Some children got to meet a keeper in the crocodile swamp who showed the children a shedded skin, others met another keeper in the gorilla enclosure and learnt about their eating habits whilst another group had a snake climb up the enclosure (to pose for a picture!).  It was a great trip and everybody was fascinated by all the facts they learnt along the way.  Miss McManus’ class loved that they could add to the British Sign Language knowledge due to all the placards around the zoo.


This was all topped off by a fantastic workshop where they learnt about skeletons including exoskeletons, skeletons of birds and mammals.  


Did is you know  that all mammals have the same bones, they are just different in shape, how they sit and the density?