Year 3 - Wizards and Warlocks Wonderful Wednesday!

What a fabulous day we have had today! 


We done one some practical maths looking at place value and answering tricky questions about the value of digits in numbers and also re-capped our number bonds to 10 and 20 knowledge.  


We then moved over on to think about why it was ‘Good to Be Me’ and shared all of our reasons with one another. It was so great to hear how special, unique and loved each child was!  We then used this information and turned it into our very own poem!!


This afternoon we got creative and thought about how we could represent the school learning values artistically! We donned the aprons. Paint, glitter, modelling clay, sequins (you name it, it came out) and masterpieces started to form. 


We we have had a great day with various stories thrown in too!  We can’t wait for what tomorrow brings!