Year 4 - Native American Settlements

This afternoon, our SOLE focus was geography.  We spent the afternoon considering what tribes would have needed for survival followed by thinking about what that meant they needed from the land. 


We we agreed that for a tribe to thrive, they would need to have a water source, such as a river nearby for drinking, farming, fishing and also transporting themselves. Additionally, they would need a forest or large wooded area so that they had enough wood for heat, to build boats as well as lovable dwellings. Furthermore, we discussed the importance of having an abundance of wildlife that could hunted nearby for food, clothing, warmth as well as good, rich soil for farming crops.  


With all all this information, we began drawing our own tribal settlements including all of those important aspects to ensured they thrived.  


Here red we are sorting and realising all the things that were essential for existence.