Year 4 - Pixie Dienes!

This morning we began our new learning on fractions, decimals and equivalence. We started by looking at our place value and really thinking what 0.4 actually meant.  We shared our thoughts and opinions and then we got to the good stuff....learning through pixie dienes.


We learnt that 0.4 is equivalent to 4/10, but we didn’t really know what that looked like, so out came the modelling clay!


At first we created a one diene out of the clay to match the rest of the base ten.  We then went about sharing it equally into 10 smaller parts. We soon realised that 1/10 is tiny and only a small part of a whole.  That 1/10 then got shared equally by 10 again; this was to represent 1/100 or 0.01. These were minuscule!


From creating these pixie dienes, we gained a better understanding of what a tenth and hundredth actually looked like.