Year 5 - Exploring Orbits!



We have embarked on our new learning journey of Space Exploration and what better way than to learn about orbits than to get outside and be the planets, sun and moon!


We explored the different orbits of the moon, Earth and planets in relation to the sun and one another and looked at how each planet takes a different amount of days to orbit the sun.  


Did you know that it only takes Mercury 88 days to orbit the sun, whilst Earth takes 365.25 days!


We had great fun re-enacting the solar system and discussing how each planet would have a different speed to orbit the sun, and how the Earth’s moon is also orbiting Earth over 29.5 days.


The children couldn’t believe it and quoted, “There’s just rotating, on rotation on rotation in space!” when they realised that Earth was also spinning on it’s own axis as well!