Year 5 Intra Class Athletics Competition

What a fantastic morning the year 5’s had! 

The weather was kind and the children had a great time competing against each other to score as many points for their class as possible.

It was a joy to see the competitive nature of the children but just was joyful was the sportsmanship on show! Both very important qualities that we try and nurture in our children,

The children, ran, threw and jumped as fast, far and high as they could, finishing with the highly anticipated relay.

Now, Miss Tonna’s class game out on top in the sprint and relay, but Mrs Bellamy’s class edged the High Jump and Howler throw all totalling to a very close score!

Drum Roll..........

Mrs Bellamy's class won it 445 points to 408!

A huge well done to the children, it really was a fun morning and we certainly have some budding athletes in our presence.