Year 5 - Persuasive Letter Paragraphing



Year 5 have embarked on their next writing sequence of writing a persuasive letter to the Texas Environmental Board in regards to Camp Green Lake; a Juvenile Detention Centre in our class novel - Holes, by Louis Sachar.


Within the novel, the boys are forced to live and work in atrocious conditions that are not sanitary, nor safe.  They are forced to 5ft deep holes in the blazing heat with little to no protection from the blazing sun or dangerous wildlife.  This has inspired Year 5 to write a letter to the Texas Environmental board to share their concerns in the hope of getting it closed down.


So far, the children have looked at ‘cause and effect’ sentences and considered what the dangers are at Camp Green Lake and how these could be categorised.  They have then had a go at writing a ‘burger paragraph’ where they had to share a topic sentence, give evidence and then finish with a ‘dare to disagree’ comment.  


Throughout, the children have shown great interest and engagement and worked collaboratively to gather as much information that can be included in their letters.


I can’t wait to see what their finished letters will be like!