Year 5: The Earth is the centre of the universe discussion

The children enjoyed coming to the round table for a discussion upon the topic, 'The Earth is the centre of the universe'. They thought the original ideas of the Catholic Church came from a well-meaning place, as Jesus was so important to them and could be thought of as the centre of their world. They also discussed how, for people of the time, agreeing that the church was wrong would lead to them getting imprisoned, or might lead to other beliefs the church held also being questioned. We talked about how we have evidence today, even from as far back as the 1500s, that considers the Sun to be the centre of our universe, therefore refuting the discussion topic and proving it to be incorrect. With the increasingly better technology of today, scientists are able to explore further corners of our solar system and far-away galaxies. Some of the children even went on to share additional information from their own reading at home and ideas that included parallel universes!