Year 5 - Visit to Exeter Cathedral and St Nicholas Priory



Year 5 braved the plummeting temperatures and headed into Exeter to visit Exeter Cathedral and St Nicholas Priory linked to their learning on Tudors.


At the Cathedral, they learnt about how the Cathedral was once Roman Catholic (and governed by the Pope) which meant there was lots of worshipping of saints; with a particular focus on the Virgin Mary.  This however changed to be Protestant (or Church of England as we know it today), after King Henry VIII reformed the religion of England so that he could divorce his first wife.  What was interesting to see throughout the cathedral was how many effigies of the Virgin Mary and Popes had been damaged and destroyed due to the hatred of the catholic faith.


We then travelled over to St Nicholas Priory where each child was given a cloak to wear (it was really cold!) followed by 3 amazing and informative workshops about the lifestyle in Tudor Britain.  We explored the toys that would have been played with, learnt about the food eaten and how a Tudor kitchen would have looked followed by learning about the clothing worn and what the bedrooms would have been like.  


It was a thoroughly fantastic day, full of amazing facts and fun interactive activities for the children to enjoy.