⛺️ Year 6 Activity Group #1 ✨

A very excited group of year 6 children returned to school at 6pm on Friday night for an evening of activities before being the first group to sleep overnight in the yurt! The fire was lit in the woods for the children to enjoy Mr Tribble’s infamous pancakes 🥞 and sweet marshmallows were toasted, yummy 😋! The small hall was the next venue for ... zorbing! Strapped in & holding on tight, the sumo competition began - and wow, what fun it was! Staying on our feet became nigh-on impossible when others charged & bumped us over! And have you ever tried to play football while inside an inflatable ball? So many giggles with lots of laugh-out-loud moments! 😆 Even though it was getting late, the badminton & volleyball court was waiting ... and again, the good times continued with every one encouraging one another even though it became really quite competitive! Again, an abundance of smiles & laughter 😂! By 10pm, the energy was waning and so a story and biscuits around the log burner inside the yurt was just the best way to end the evening 📖 🔥 Most children slept all night, but there were some of us that were lucky enough to see the most beautiful crescent moon & starlit night sky 🌙✨

After a good tidy up, a hearty breakfast & a review of the antics, families arrived to pick everyone up ... home for a warm baths & more sleep! What a great way to begin our activity days - we can’t wait for more adventures next week! 😊