🎨 Year 6 Activity Group #2 🖼

All things art awaited year 6 on their visit to the Thelma Hulbert Gallery today. Under the watchful eye of Anna & Keira, the day began with the children learning how to mould clay to create thumb pots, bowls and small plates - easier said than done in some cases, but perseverance was the key and, once they have been fired & glazed, the pieces will return to us to take home. Thank you Honiton Pottery 😊

After making our sketch books using hammers 🔨 , needles & thread 🧵 , we moved onto designing our first lino print. Manipulating the lino cutter was incredibly difficult & we lost count of the amount of mini-plasters that were needed ... but the results were worth it! 🤩

The print making continued as the children learnt how to use the printing press machine which became much harder & needed more muscle power once the thicker lino was being pressed! But success was had!  💪 

The sketchbooks were used for the final task of the day - collage! Pictures & paper of various colours, shapes & sizes now adorn & fill pages the books along with pictures, stories & writing. What a very busy day with a group of polite, collaborative children - well done year 6! 🌟