🚣‍♀️ Year 6 Activity Group #3 🛶

The excitement for today was palpable and it lived up to every bit of the children’s expectations! 🤩

Not only was there a very exciting train journey 🚂 , there was the new experience of canoeing in a boat with our friends at Haven Banks in Exeter 🛶. It was an activity that many of us had nerves and great trepidation about but the children did a fantastic job of supporting & encouraging one another so that, in the end, everyone ended up in a canoe, collaborating together in order to paddle down the canal and back again ... with lots of circular routes taken and many close encounters with riverbanks & hedgerows! 😂

The pinnacle of all the games was when the children were given the opportunity to jump into the canal at the end! Needless to say that some very heavy bags had to be carried a long way back containing very wet & soggy clothes!! 😆

What an absolutely fantastic day full of treasured memories 🤗 and what an equally fantastic group of year 6 children - well done everyone, sleep well tonight 😴