🥌 Year 6 Activity Group #4 🏓

Today was the last of our activity days 😕 but year 6 set out to enjoy themselves as they faced even more new experiences with archery 🏹, curling 🥌 and table tennis 🏓 .

It didn’t take the children too long to develop good techniques so that both arrows and stones were soon hitting and striking the targets. Clear communication amongst the teams meant that tactics and strategies became key to ensuring high scoring results by end of the rounds! Very enthusiastic, very competitive but very positive and supportive too - a brilliant atmosphere! 👏🏻

Some of us had used the zorbing balls at the sleepover, but there were some that had missed out ... fortune and luck were with the group this afternoon, and a great big resounding ‘yessssssss’ was cheered when there was the opportunity to step into them again! It was hot, it was loud, it was hard work, but it was huge, huge fun too! Thank you Mr Watson! 🤩

And have you ever had the chance to create your own music and have it blaring through the speakers? Well, to finish off, year 6 did exactly that! Not sure that the tracks will make it on to Spotify, but it was very impressive nevertheless! Thank you Mr Nicholls 🎶 

There have been so many opportunities, so many experiences and year 6, you have been an amazing group of children to spend this time with ... despite eating all of the biscuits 🍪 and sweets 🍬!! 😂 Well done to you all 🌟