Year 6 Bee Netball East Devon School Finals

Having topped the cluster league, both HPS teams had qualified for the East Devon Schools Finals. It was a cold and long afternoon at Kings School, but the children played some great netball, adjusting to the adapted rules well. There were some high scoring wins from both teams which, of course, made it even more enjoyable! Honiton Wasps (our ‘black’ bibbed team) came 4th in their group - with Connor being awarded the Determination Spirit of the Games medal 👏 whilst Honiton Hornets (our ‘red’ team) came 2nd in their group. A tightly contested semi-finals left the team just 2 points adrift of the finals! So close! Never mind - we had a fantastic afternoon of netball with plenty of snacks, sweets and music to keep us going! A superb effort 🙂